Interested in Pledging?

Pledges represent our hope for the future. Our principles of leadership, friendship, and service provide a strong base on which to build a successful standard of conduct. It is our hope that you will embrace them, live by them, and share them with others. We wish you great success as you embark upon a lifetime of service in Alpha Phi Omega.

Our hope is that the pledge program will serve as an introduction to Alpha Phi Omega, informing you of our Fraternity as well as allowing you to qualify in the principles of leadership, friendship, and service. The Pledging process will also give you, as a Pledge, and the chapter a trial period during which the chapter can decide if it wants to invite you to become a Brother and you can decide if you want to accept such an invitation.

If you do decide that Alpha Phi Omega sounds like the fraternity for you, then you can come to the meetings, learn about APO history, and participate in service events. Along the way, you will receive a Big, another member of the fraternity, to help and guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have.